Submissions: Q&A

What should my story be about?

The prompt at Second Sun is simple: What’s your story? Interpret the prompt how you want. If you need guidance or examples, email

Can anyone submit a story?


Are there rules about story submissions?

Stories must be rooted in truth. Stories that are discriminatory, hateful or do not otherwise contribute to the greater good of the project will not be considered.

How do I tell my story?

Through prose, poetry, photo, audio or any another medium that’s able to be published on our website and possibly in print.

I’ve been published before. Can I still submit a story?

Yes. Second Sun’s philosophy is likely to attract many contributors who have never been published. But our fresh take on storytelling is not limited to new storytellers. Please feel free to submit a story regardless of your publication history.

Can I submit a story about someone else?

Stories must be first-person, thus submissions with the primary focus on another person or another person’s experience are not currently accepted.

Okay, I’m on board. How do I submit?

Email with “Submission:” and a short title in the email subject. Include your story in either the body of the email or in an attachment. Include contextual or any other relevant information if you need to.

How will I know if my story will be published?

We’ll let you know as soon as possible.

I’m not ready to contribute yet, but I’m interested in reading the stories. How do I follow along?

Storytelling, especially that of a personal nature, can be daunting. We understand if not everyone is ready to tell theirs. Part of the idea behind Second Sun is to create a space for storytelling that might not otherwise come to light. And an important part of storytelling is, of course, the audience.

If you’d rather sit back and take in the stories for now, follow along on our website and subscribe to our newsletter.

What if I don’t want to contribute but know someone who might, can I tell them to submit?


If you have another question, please email us at