Everyone has a story. Second Sun is the space where they can tell it.

Who we are
Second Sun is a yearlong experiment in storytelling, narrative journalism and the oral tradition.

The publication explores contemporary storytelling through the individual perspective. By including self-told, predominantly first-person accounts, Second Sun challenges, democratizes and restores interest in storytelling in the public sphere.

What we aim to do
Explore storytelling through the individual perspective and tap into our shared experience through the process.

How we aim to do it
Publish periodic self-told, predominantly first-person stories in a variety of mediums. All stories answer, in some form, the question: What’s your story?

Who we aim to reach
The casually curious. Someone who is easily interested in things, maybe a little restless, maybe wanting a little bit more in their life.

Who tells the stories we publish
Anyone who is moving toward something.

Why we’re doing what we’re doing
To let light into and modernize the journalistic and storytelling process, challenge the gatekeeping in the industry and restore public interest in the art of storytelling.

When and where we’ll do all this
Second Sun will start as an online-only publication with a mind toward print later on.

Contact us by email at editor@secondsunproject.com.

Learn more about founder A.W. Geiger here.